Our Mission

No doubt everyone has heard the rumors of most legal alternatives. You've heard all these stories of kids going to the hospital, going crazy, etc. Something I rarely see though is people actually researching and testing these alternatives. And even then the reports are very well hidden and not so easy to reach.

Well, my girlfriend and myself have taken upon ourselves to provide a blog with as much information on legal alternatives as we can and throw it out into the open.

We will document our experiences as well as provide detailed reports including ingredients, chemical make ups, side-effects, and any other information we can find.

The reason this blog exists is to help people make more educated decisions about buying legal alternatives. Please bear in mind that everyone is different, our experiences are just that; OUR experiences. Your results may differ. We are only hear to provide what ever information we can, the actual process of going out and purchasing these products is YOUR decision, not ours.