Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Smoke Blend Review

Ingredients: ?
Purchased at: Smoke shop but have seen everywhere

Pros: At $8/1g I was a bit cautious but was still willing to try Mr. Nice Guy. I do have to say I was HIGHLY impressed. It was a bit better than buzz and had me smoking a little less.
Cons: Typically when you hear horror stories, you typically will hear one about these guys I'm sure, mostly because they were one of the big guys on the list to get banned by the DEA (which that ban is now lifted! WOOT!) My only real complaints are the first initial smoking smelt HORRID, but that quickly faded away (I'm willing to bet my cat farted as soon as i lit it but i really have no idea why it smelt that bad) and that on the back of the packaging they tell you no ingredients, and it's not FDA approved. This bothers me a tad bit.
Overall: Great easy smoking with very little harshness, fun high, I liked it a lot! I also LOVE the "Half-Baked" reference. I would just like to know what I'm smoking is all.

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  1. I wish i could find those here in brazil since weed is not legal yet...

    I can see the future of this blog, +following for future updates! Cya

    1. does exists in brazil man visit

  2. I live in spain weed is not well seen but it's easy to find!

  3. Great review. Looking forward for your next one. followed :)

  4. I would suggest trying "BAM!" or "Jazz" for your next experimentation...however with Jazz I HIGHLY suggest taking a SMALL hit first and seeing how you react..gave some to my mom and she was tripping balls for a good 5-10 minutes off a good solid drag..myself I can only take slight hits myself...however with BAM I could smoke a bowl and as it faded smoke another and continue a VERY decent high.

  5. Anyone who smokes something & doesn't know what their actually is a dumb ass and deserves to die.

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